However ”poetic” it would sound to you, one reason for you to come to Villa 8 Neptun, it might be that you really wake up a few meters from the beach, drinking fresh orange juice, read quietly the news on you laptop, totally relaxed.  Maybe, interrupted only by the seagulls and waves  breaking against the shore.

Sea-wall : Villa 8 Neptun is located on the very sea-wall Neptun-Olimp, so that you go down directly on the beach from the villa courtyard.

Safe : because we like discretion and tranquility, we have secured Villa 8 Neptun`s courtyard and exit to the beach.

Outside: You will park the car in the shadow parking lot you reserved, and if the case may be, you will be able to leave the children play in the quiet

and relaxed yard enjoying the permanent video surveillance system. You will be able to relax in the sea breeze on the villa terrace. Villa 8 is closed to many special places of Neptun-Olimp: tennis courts, minigolf courts, various terraces and restaurants, COCOR swimming pool and SPA, Vision Club, among which there are also „Popasul Pescarilor” fishery, „Domeniile Clos de Colombes” wine cellar.

Inside: 4 stars refer to a 53 square meters apartment, made up of sitting room with terrace, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, equipped with air condition and  free of charge Wi-Fi Internet. A weather report monitor and beach live images can be found on the ground floor of the villa.